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What is Evren Laar?

Evren Laar is a distinctive effort inspired by the most prestigious footwear artwork of modern designing to introduce a total quality management system in footwear products by offering the quality standards and manufacturing principles followed Worldwide at most amazing best buy price.

The foundation of the brand ‘Evren Laar’ in Pakistan is established and organized by some of the brilliant corporate minds of Pakistan who already introduced quality footwear products in Pakistan from different geographical domains.

The mission of the brand is to provide World Class Standard products with preferred quality and at affordable price to every star of the universe.

Please read carefully all following links before placing an order:
Delivery Process: www.evrenlaar.com/deliveryprocess/
Terms of Use: www.evrenlaar.com/termsofuse/
FAQ’s: www.evrenlaar.com/faq/
Exchange & Returns: www.evrenlaar.com/exchangeandreturn/

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Where can i manage my orders?

The Dashboard is your account profile to check all order activities and details related to status, tracking id, and billing details including accounts details.

More: Dashboard

How we process shipping activities?

We deliver nationwide through courier partner within 3 working days and on the basis of Cash on Delivery (COD) process. We also accept advance bank deposits and mobile payment gateways in Pakistan.

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What is our legal policy?

Please read our legal statements carefully to avoid any conflict. In case of any issues related to trademark, logos, images, and other copyright claims related to identical graphics, please contact copyright@evrenlaar.com and the content will be removed instantly.

> Privacy Policy
> Terms of Use
> Brand & Trademark

How can i get franchise of Evren Laar?

You may write your interest at the following email address:

The brand representative will write back by asking the required information and providing the franchise details.

What channels can i use to contact?

You may instantly write to us at the following official email address:


In case of urgent query or feedback regarding our product, you may write to any of message channels of our social profile. (Customer Guidance Only)


Our representatives are online 24/7 and will answer to your query within minimum possible time.

How can i report inappropriate behavior?

If you are not satisfied with reply from our team, you may directly write to us at following email address:


How can i receive instant reply and information?

Our most preferred method is our official email for proper correspondence. You can write to us at:

The fastest method is through Facebook message. Our online department will be glad to hear your query and respond accordingly. (Customer Guidance Only)

www. Facebook.com/evrenlaar/


We will be glad to receive your feedback regarding our product, service, and support.
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